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Meet Our Founder
Shannon L. Phoenix


Shannon Phoenix is the Founder of ASSIST Office Support Service located in the Columbus, Ohio region. She has worked in Administrative and Human Resources roles for over a combination of twenty years. Shannon holds a Master of Business Administration with an HR concentration from Keller School of Management. She is also a commissioned Notary Public in Franklin County.
After spending over two decades working in diverse corporate settings within the Administrative and HR fields, Shannon recognized the importance of efficient and highly organized administration to create an effective and smooth operation.  She also understood that sometimes additional assistance is needed to implement systems. For this reason, Shannon founded ASSIST Office Support Services LLC (ASSIST). ASSIST is a Virtual Assistant Company that provides administrative, technical, and call center support to businesses in need to increase production and profits. ASSIST offers services to free up time enabling businesses the ability to focus on the core responsibilities.
The best way to define Shannon is a Jack of All Trades.  Shannon is a self-starter with a keen ability to problem-solve. She hits the ground running to provide solutions for her clients.  She utilizes her business and network as a vehicle to empower people, one person at a time. She believes at times, everyone can use some help, so she lends a helping hand by providing exceptional service to her customers in hopes of creating a stronger community with the big picture in mind. Shannon’s motto is “Invest in yourself to invest in someone else… Pay It forward!”


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